They’ve done it!

They went and release the IRONMAN Tulsa 2020 run course!

What’s my thoughts?

Well, the next post will be about the bike, so the flatter run the better!

  • I have spent many a miles getting some work done on the River Trails.  I especially like the incorporation of the trails as they go under or over traffic.  No crossing busy streets during that section which is always nice.
  • You’ll have some underpasses to get a break from any direct sun as well as long sections shaded by trees.
  • Here’s where the rub might come in, there is a decent wind/breeze along that trail with the wide open Arkansas river bed having nothing to block the wind.  You could have a nice cross wind, head wind, tail wind and direction is not always guaranteed.
  • You will want to be ready to have no rest with a pretty flat course that has no rolling hills to let gravity help you a bit.
  • Be solid in your form.  Being economical in a headwind will pay dividends getting to the finish line.
  • Be ready mentally for two loops.  Getting so close to the finish to have to turn around and hit the course again can be tough.  This is where running without headphones or music comes into play so you’re mentally trained to put in the grind.  Do your 17 or 20 mile run with no one and no music and you have built of some race day tolerance.

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