It’s been a minute, but they released the IRONMAN Tulsa 2020 bike course a few weeks ago.

Let’s discuss!

What’s my thoughts?

  • 5100 feet of gain over 112 miles, this ain’t no picnic ride through the countryside…
  • There’s 3 significant climbs, some tough spots and you finish off with 2 climbs that sandwich an uphill long ride.  Be ready for some work.
  • WORK THE HILL REPEATS!  Build some bike strength.
  • At least it’s a point to point, so you won’t get bored.
  • It’s Oklahoma… you will get some wind.  How much is the question.
  • Make sure you are good with headwind, tailwind and cross winds – especially if you are going to consider deep aero wheels for racing.
  • It could be hot… it’s the south.  They have HEAT and HUMIDITY and it could pop up out of nowhere.
  • Be heat adapted, especially since a lot of work for this race will happen over the winter months.
  • Know your sweat rates and be practicing hitting hydration in training.
  • Invest in a smart trainer.  It will allow you to do the right work over the winter indoors.
  • Here’s a link to the latest GPX file.
  • You better be getting ready NOW!  The off season started a minute ago… especially if you want to get some bike strength built up for the hills.
  • Hit the ground running Jan 2020 with race specific training.  This isn’t a course to be sleeping on.

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