Hello and welcome to Set The Pace Triathlon’s TrainingPeaks intro page.

Here we’ll go over terms, definitions and sample workouts page for more insight to our plans.

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When you buy one of the TrainingPeaks plans, and apply it to your calendar, some distances or times may get adjusted or omitted from the original plan in the TrainingPeaks store.  Unfortunately this is just something we have to deal with, and many other coaches that create plans for athletes to purchase.  TSS and load information may be affected.  You may need to go back in and adjust expected distance and times.  Please reach out if you need help.

By relatively fit, we mean being able to:

  • swim 500 meters continuously
  • ride 60 minutes
  • jog 45 minutes

The plans utilizes heart rate zones and reported perceived effort.  Use of heart rate monitors and power meters are not required, but suggested.  Watch the below video for examples on how to understand the workouts.

If distance is called out, perform workout to that distance. Times and distances are estimated for this plan to give a general idea of hours per week. Where time is called out, distances not assumed so totals for plan may reflect workouts with 0 miles. Where distance is called out, time is assumed. DO NOT feel obligated to meet time and distance. Do what’s called out in the comments.

See the video below for a more detailed explanation.

Bike workouts typically meant for trainer or spin bike, but can be translated for outdoor rides. If the workout does not have a warm up listed, it is implied that there should be a 5 minute warm up jog/spin with dynamic stretching before getting into the main sets. If workouts will be done as a brick, wait for static stretching AFTER the last session for the brick.

Workouts in TrainingPeaks are attached as PDF’s except for long zone 2 workouts.  To access those PDF’s on the mobile app, please watch the below instructional video.


If you need assistance on setting your zones, see the protocols below.


You can calculate your run zones HERE.

You can calculate your bike zones HERE.

Download a spreadsheet to track your tests over time HERE –> FITNESS TEST GRAPH TEMPLATE


  • EASY RUN // ZONE 2 to low 3 // Low intensity, conversational pace.
  • GOAL RACE PACE (GRP) // ZONE 3 // The pace you are aiming to sustain for your race
  • SIMULATION RACE RUN (MS): First half segment of run is performed at 60 sec/mile slower than GRP or easy pace, second half segment is performed at Goal Race Pace.
  • LONG RUNS // ZONE 2 to low 3 // These runs are performed at 60-70 seconds slower per mile than GRP. Keep the pace easy and aerobic.
  • ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD REPEATS (AT) // ZONE 4 to 5 // These repeats (essentially 1M-2KM in distance) should be performed at approximately 10km race pace. The recovery interval should consist of walking or easy running before performing the next repeat. A repeat is the amount of time that is performed at AT.
  • STRIDES // Gentle sprints. Smooth, relaxed and easy running accelerations lasting about 10-15 seconds or 60-80 yards/meters. Reach a speed of about 80% of max. Rest about 1-2 minutes between strides
  • WARM UP // RUN // 5 to 10 min easy pace + 5 min dynamic stretches
  • WARM UP // BIKE // 10 min easy spin @ 90-100 rpm
  • COOL DOWN // 5 to 10 min easy pace