Did the title get your attention!?

HERE IT IS! Lucky for you I’m an ambassador for Saris/CycleOps and I get to share their F&F discount code that’s 30% OFF!… and it is…. ONLY FOR members and coached athletes.  Oh no!

So, if you are a member on the site, go to https://setthepacetriathlon.com/partner-discounts-and-code-for-members-only/ and you can get the code directly by the CycleOps logo, and it’s good for Saris rack products as well.

If you are reading this and a coached athlete, but not a site member, email me and I’ll get you the code!

Not a member?  Easy.  Sign up at https://setthepacetriathlon.com/set-the-pace-membership/ – we have LOTS of other great benefits aside from discounts, so drop in and check it out.

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