TIP OF THE WEEK // Embrace the suck (wind)
Ever been out for a ride and the headwind is just relentless? Been so frustrated pushing watts and seeing NOTHING comparable to your effort on the speed? Don’t get mad, find your zen!
That wind is a good time to work on some key bike skills to be able to adapt on race day, because most races are outside and there may be a breeze!
Some ideas to work on:
  1. Test aero gear. If you have aero helmets and wheels, get some miles on them in training and figure out how they will respond.
  2. Handle bike in aero in wind. You won’t know how your rig will respond until you get out in the suck!
  3. Practice energy management in wind. Having a headwind is the time to double down on aero position and do work at a steady state. Work on steady target power for headwind work.
  4. Practice patience. It may suck to watch your speed plummet, but work on having a calm and working your power plan. Also keep in mind, all the other racers are dealing with the same thing.
  5. Get off the trainer even if your splits will suck. Don’t duck out of an outside ride for the trainer due to wind. I know it may be daunting, but get out there and embrace the difficulty.

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