They’ve done it!

They went and release the IRONMAN Tulsa 2020 swim course!

“The swim will take place in beautiful Keystone Lake located at Keystone Harbor in Mannford, Oklahoma. This race will begin with a rolling start format. Water temperatures this time of year are generally in the low to mid 70’s.”

What’s my thoughts?

I like the rolling start.  I LOVE self seeding myself in the right spot and not waiting all day to get going.  It also helps cut down on congestion on the course.  BINGO.

Like the low to mid 70’s.  WETSUIT!  BINGO!

If you look at Google maps, you will be swimming into the sun heading north-east heading out.  That can be cause for alarm and need for working on sighting to make sure you stay on course and don’t get blinded heading out.  Tinted goggles as well people!


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